2016 Bridal Fashion Week: Houghton NYC's Runway Show

Pacific Wedding's Magazine editor Shaunna Nygren asked Cameron to cover several NYC bridal fashion houses but the Houghton NYC show stood out the most. Pacific Wedding's Blog post revealed the behind the scenes and runway part of the Houghton NYC show.  The feature follows models as they prepare and dress backstage, along with a look at the front of the house during the show.

The editor's wrote: "Bridal week is a hurricane of details, couture, and white. There are flowers, there are long, lace-draped limbs. We've come to be accustomed to the sleek, white floors and delicate crystal chandeliers that symbolize and accompany wedding fashion. Perhaps for this reason, Houghton's runway show slash model-lounge stood out as one of the most inspiring events of the week."

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