Samantha & Brennan's Wedding Featured On Style Me Pretty Arizona

It is always an honor to be featured on Style Me Pretty! Samantha always wanted a backyard wedding and Creekside Inn rose to the occasion with it’s shady lawns, rushing creek and opportunity for the family to stay in one house. Brenan’s younger brother Kyren (current QB at Northern Arizona University) mentioned during his toast to the couple that his Mother is always “getting on to him” for “this or that.” One day he remarked to her that “Brenan was never in trouble like this when he was my age” His mother quipped back, “That’s because Brenan had Sam.”  These two have been an item since high school, in fact, their relationship  started eight years ago “as just buds” and according to Samantha and that nickname has stuck. Sam even surprised her groom with a sign for the flower girls to carry that said, “Here comes your Buddy.”  Jamelle and I noticed that this was a tight knit group. The families and friends seemed at ease with each other and we think you got your wish, Sam, a lovely backyard wedding, indeed.

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