Jasmine Tookes Proposal Story

When Juan David inquired to have me photograph his proposal to long time girlfriend Jasmine Tookes, he didn't mention her name. He merely said his girlfriend has a large social media following. I loved that about Juan immediately. He's a genuine guy and wanted this moment to be about their love and future life together and not about who they are on social media. I am not star struck by celebrities. I value their work and privacy and treat them the same as other clients. Juan had a few big ideas for this proposal and his first priority was that she didn't suspect anything. His other priorty was that the ring arrived via drone. I worked out the logistics with a drone colleague and utilized my extensive knowledge of the Amangiri property. We had a plan and we delivered. They couple landed in a helicopter at Amangiri and that's when Jasmine found out it was a trip to Amangiri. Juan did an excellent job keeping his composure. When they landed they had a casual canapés and Champagne (I was hiding behind the rock dressed as an Amangiri server). I was able to lead them to the perfect spot and that's when the drone approached.  From Jasmine's perspective, “I heard a drone flying from above which had a string hanging from it with a small black pouch below. This is how the ring was delivered to him. As the drone approached, he reached into the pouch pulled out the box and went on one knee. I was in complete disbelief and immediately burst into tears because this was something I did not expect. After lots of happy tears, I obviously said yes, and this was honestly the best day I could've ever imagined. We are very excited and looking forward to a future filled with lots of love and happiness.” I captured the proposal and only the real authentic moments afterwards. I did not stage them for portraits because with Jasmine being a model, she is posed all the time. I knew she would treasure the candids and she did. Her comment on my Instagram was, "Thank you so much. I'm so glad Juan was connected to you to capture all of these beautiful images. I LOVE THEM ALL. Really special to me. Thank you again." They are the sweetest couple and I know they will enjoy a lifetime of happiness togerther. You can read more about their proposal and see additional photos on Vogue.com

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