Lyford Cay Bahamian Wedding

This celebration was a classic Lyford Cay wedding infused with Bahamian music and joy. From the moment I spoke to Christina on the phone, I was thrilled. Christina was very keen on capturing the day as it happens. I love a client that craves candids and authenticity. After I got home from this event I choked up telling my husband about it. Maybe it was that their families were so tight knit that I saw a little of my own family in theirs, maybe it was that Christina and PJ worked hard and played lacrosse at Yale. YALE! Maybe it was because their friends were the real deal and celebrated this couple so selflessly. Maybe it was how they fully embraced the Bahameian culture entertaining their guests with three live local bands during their wedding day. Maybe I'm just getting sentimental in my old age but I think their humility wrapped up in their beauitful love for each other touched me deeply. Just when I thought I didn't have a single silent happy tear left in me, the father of the bride, Kelly, toasted the couple. Here's an excerpt from his speech “In the spirit of full disclosure, Christina and I were very worried about that emotional walk down the aisle today. We have been nervously joking together about who was going to hold up who as we shuffled and sobbed, overwhelmed. But in reality, it was easy, because when we looked up, we saw, waiting at the end of the aisle, someone we both love. One of the finest men I know. Handsome, successful, and best described in old-school terms like true-blue, forthright, honorable, and always, always humble. He was our true-north beacon down that aisle this afternoon. I’ve never enjoyed a walk more.”

I'm not crying YOU'RE crying.

I take pride in capturing the essence of an event. I truly love working for clients who appreicate that. Thank you for being you, Christina and PJ and thank you for allowing me the space to make great photos. Thank you to Wildflowers Bahamas for the understanded but goregous tables in the face of a gnarly wind, thank you to Paulette Davis of Amour Affairs for handling everything with grace and humor. I am grateful to my second photographer Phil Anema who captured so many great moments alongside me. Cheers to a happy marriage. 

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