Silverleaf Club Arizona Wedding

Brooke and Tim are as kind as they are chic. I have never seen a smiler bigger than Brooke's and it's clear that she and Timmy are made for each other. When they are in a room together, nothing else matters. Their love is inspiring. From Brooke, the bride: "We met in Ms. Fraiser’s Kindergarten class in Rio Rancho, NM. He “claims” that I used to give him the Rice Krispie treats out of my lunchbox everyday. I adamantly deny that there is any truth to that tale. Who would really volunteer to give up the best part of their lunch everyday? Regardless, that was the start of a long friendship and our eventual love story." We chose Arizona not only because my family is there, but because when we moved to Austin, TX we realized that there is not landscape as beautiful and unique as Arizona’s. The saguaros, the sunsets, the wildlife…There really is no place better and At Silverleaf Club all of those things were on display. I didn’t go into wedding planning thinking, “I want a boho” wedding. It was more of trying to make the wedding uniquely “us.” Every detail down to the Boston Terrier (our dog) stir sticks was just “us.” We’re both very laidback and a far cry from traditional. We grew up surfing and spending summers at the beach so that easy, relaxed, yet chic vibe was exactly what we wanted. Also, who doesn’t love macrame? If they would have let me, I would have had macrame from floor to ceiling. Big thank you to Amy Mancuso Events who made our dreams a reality. As much as I loved the big party— my absolute favorite part of the wedding was walking down the long staircase to the aisle listening to Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” played by a string quartet. I looked up and saw every single person I love in the whole world smiling and holding me up was my Daddy, whom I love. I looked up making eye contact nervously with Timmy for the first time and I'll never forget that moment. Also, after the ceremony our AMAZING photographer, Cameron, hiked with us to the top of the mountain through saguaro cactus and seriously rugged terrain to capture the perfect sunset photos. They’re our favorite and will be hanging in our home forever. We love our photos and appreciate the adventurous memory.

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Silverleaf Club First Look
Silverleaf club bride and groom
Silverleaf club bride and groom stone steps
Silverleaf Club
Silverleaf Club Wedding lawn
champagne tower at silverleaf club scottsdale
juliet le fleur
silverleaf club wedding ceremony boho
silverleaf club cocktail hour on the lawn
Silverleaf Club wedding couple with round ceremony arch
Silverleaf club bride and groom in the desert
Saguaro sunset with wedding couple
Saguaro sunset with Boho wedding couple
Silverleaf Club bar on the patio
Silverleaf Club wedding reception
Silverleaf Club wedding reception
Silverleaf Club wedding reception on the patio
silverleaf wedding cake cutting
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