Amangiri Weekend Celebration

I'm blessed with the nicest and classiest clients. This weekend was definitely one of those parties. I had the pleasure of working with London planner Johnny Roxburgh on a lovely three day event at Amangiri in September. You can read a bit about it on Johnny's blog. Somehow we managed seven events in three days including climbing via ferratas, boating in Lake Powell, horseback rides, late night disco, and lunch at Zion. Each of the evening parties was unique and reflected about the guest experience that day. It was a buyout so we made use of the entire property over the three days and one of my favorite parts was the dinner party by the pool. They removed the chaise lounges and replaced them with tables so guests had the illusion of floating in the pool while dining. The following night was a more casual Western theme with a Ralph Lauren vibe. Guests dined under the Utah desert sky. The third night was a gorgeous gala style and Johnny transformed the desert lounge into a glamourous tent looking out onto the deert with three thousand real candles twinkling in the night. Both the Amangiri and Johnny Roxburgh team was a joy to work with and it was a huge success! Most of these images are decor based becuase these clients are very private. 

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Amangiri sign
Amangiri vista
Amangiri entrance
Amangiri pool party
Amangiri pool reception
Amangiri pool party at dusk
Amangiri outdoor lounge
Amangiri Adventure Partners Via Ferrata
Amangiri Western Welcome party
Amangiri Welcome Party by Johnny Roxburg
Amangiri 3,000 candles in the desert
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