Bahamas Wedding at Lyford Cay Club

This elegant Bahamas Wedding at Lyford Cay Club in Nassau was one of our all time favorite events. In the taxi ride to the airport from Lyford Cay, our driver, who implored us to call him Scrappy, told us about how kind and loving the Murchison family has always been. He was their tennis instructor for years. He commented that he has never seen Jane so happy. He paused and then exclaimed, "I didn't know Jane could MOVE like that, she can REALLY DANCE, it must be that man, the Scottie. She is happy" (he was also the Junkanoo band captain at the wedding). I assured him it was Scottie. I can honestly say, the love between these two is genuinie, real and so much fun. We enjoyed working for both of these families and it was our second wedding at Lyford and I hope it won't be our last. Cheers to both these families for raising such inspiring young people! 

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