Charleston Wedding at Lowndes Grove

One of the most beautiful events we've photographed was a lovely Charleston Wedding at Lowndes Grove on New Year's Eve. Ralph, Chloe's father, gave a great speech about her at the rehearsal dinner. Apparently when Paul asked for Chloe's hand (he flew all the way to New York City from Houston to ask permission), Ralph said to Paul, "you know she's going to try to organize you." That made me laugh. Chloe is a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask politely for it. She is kind, generous, charming and yes, very organized. During the wedding day, ddI noticed many times Chloe and her father having fun together. She thanked him numerous times during the evening and it struck me as a sincere bond that is hard to come by between father and daughter. It is always an honor to witness the various types of joy and love at our events. Paul is a risk-taker and so easy to get along with. The wedding combined elements of the Bride's vintage style, and the Groom's sense of adventure with their love for Charleston, where they first met. He created a short film about his love for Chloe, which played at the rehearsal dinner. I think if you watch it, you'll get an idea of Paul's personality and how genuine his love is for Chloe. Back to the actual wedding-- what can I say, Lowdnes Grove Plantation is just glorious, as is Charleston, and the entire reception I felt like I was placed inside the Great Gatsby. The bride has a true love of vintage style, inherited from her mother. They both share an appreciation for antique aesthetics and art deco design, and the wedding embraced an elegant, festive, art deco look. Carrie Glasscock from A Charleston Bride orchestrated this theme flawlessly for Chloe's event day coordination. Jamelle and I truly enjoyed working with her team.

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groom walking with two pizzas and a smile
vintage jewelry
Charleston, South Caroline cobblestone streets with horse drawn carriage
groomsmen with vintage Brittish bus in Charleston
Charleston Wedding with tented reception at Lowndes
Lowndes Grove Wedding Family photo
Jim Smeal Cake with vintage jewelry detail
Lowndes Grove Wedding in Charleston with a view of the water
Wedding Cake by Jim Smeal with custom detail
Charleston Wedding Party lining up at Lowndes Grove
Dad and Daughter before Lowndes Grove Wedding black tie
Ariel shot of Dad and Daughter walking down the aisle at  Lowndes Grove
Ariel shot of Dad and Daughter walking down the aisle at  Lowndes Grove
Sunset Lowndes Grove Wedding
bride and groom walk down the aisle at dusk after a Lowndes Grove wedding ceremony
bride and groom kiss at sunset in front of Lowndes Grove
bride and groom at bar with black and white tile at Lowndes Grove
bride and groom in sunset light at Lowndes Grove
bride and groom kiss after dark in front of their tented wedding at Lowndes Grove
bride and groom at cocktail hour at Lowndes Grove Wedding
clear Tented wedding at Lowndes Grove
bride and groom smile during first dance under a chandelier
wedding guests pose in front of ornate mirror at Lowndes Grove
groom in conversation in front of ornate mirror inside at Lowndes Grove
bride and groom sparkler exit outside at Lowndes Grove
bride and groom in motorcyle with sidecar at Lowndes Grove Wedding
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