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Travel Hacks: Luxury Car rental

Get yourself a fancy car when you travel. It's not as expensive as you think. My go-to favorite is Silvercar for many reasons; however, Sixt has a variety of luxury vehicles and more locations worldwide. I just discovered Sixt this spring so I haven't had as much experience but I'm defintely sold on both companies. 


  • At some airports (DAL) they will pick you up at the curb in your Audi as quickly as 10 minutes after you land so say goodbye to that horrible shuttle ride and say hello to getting to your destination faster. I have landed and been en route to my destination inside of 20-30 minutes, even if the Silvercar location has a shuttle. 
  • For the consumer it's all run on an app, so when you pick up your car, you scan it in via your device and voila you are on your way.
  • Reserving your Silvercar takes 3 minutes online or in the app
  • You always receive an Audi A4 and they recently expanded their choices to include a Cabriolet (convertible) and Q5 (SUV) in certain markets.
  • If you already drive a car like this the entire system will be familiar and it's easier to drive safely to your destination
  • Free 4G LTE WIFI on every Silvercar. That's right folks, get your assistant to drive, choose a new playlist and get some work done en route. GPS, Apple CarPlay and satellite Sirius XM radio
  • Upgrades like kids car seats (Peg Pergo brand) and ski racks are INCLUDED. 
  • Forgot to fill up the tank? No problem. Silvercar charges you the regular gas price plus...wait for it... $5.00 for the service. 
  • Speaking of fees. It's a flat fee $80/day for the A4 and $110/day for the Q5. No extra fees.
  • If you are new, use "FIRST20" to get 20% off your first rental. 



Traveling where they don't have Silvercar yet or perhaps international or maybe you have something against Audis. No problem! Check out Sixt -- a European rental company that has been in business for over one hundred years. They have a focus on customer service! YAY! 

  • We rented a Volvo XC90 for three weeks and for the same price a regular rental company could rent us a Toyota Corolla or similar. I think the choice is clear. 
  • Pre-pay online or in their app and you save 25% 
  • You can pick out your actual vehicle before you travel: Hello Mercedes. 
  • You don't have to wait in line at a counter. Sign up for one of their Sixt "cards" and all your info is stored. 
  • The rental and return process is simple and app-based.  

So what are you waiting for? Book it now and enjoy the ride. 

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