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Getting the best Engagement session photos

The four most important factors for a great engagement session are lighting, location, love and style. How you are feeling will translate into how you look in photos. We'll help you feel like yourselves and have fun too.

Lighting and location are usually the parts we handle and trusting us to choose the time and location is the first step to great results.

Being in love sounds easy but life can get in the way. Remove all obstacles to set yourself up for success. Being in a good mood and arriving with an open mind is key for any photo shoot. If you are thinking positive and believing in the process, it will look that way. Do anything to avoid the scenario that you angry at your fiance for “XYZ”. Nothing will ruin a session faster than disappointment. Don’t pack a full day of appointments and add an engagement session to the end of that day. Do take a half day off and put some space around the appointment time. If you are driving to a remote location plan to arrive at least an hour early and spend the time catching up with each other. We’ve encouraged evening clients to make the first stop a bar or coffee shop and grab a beverage to kick off the session. We can all meet there and this gives us time to chat before we get to the “real” location and start shooting.

We recommend choosing outfits that you would wear for a date night: smart but casual and coordinating. You obviously have to take into consideration what looks good on your body type and plan accordingly. We like when our clients stand out from the background instead of blending into it. For example, if you are shooting in a very green background, you would want to choose complimentary colors, red, orange and even yellow, blush or blue work well. Avoid wearing the same color as the background or each other. Avoid black and white but there are exceptions. For the guys, a button up shirt doesn’t photograph well alone but if you add a sport coat or suit jacket over the shirt, it’s perfect. A textured or structured fabric tends to photograph better than a t-shirt or plain cotton. If we are taking advantage of a windy outdoor location, a flowy fabric can offer a lot of movement and add a dynamic effect.

If you are lost with style or hate shopping, hire a style consultant. It’s worth every penny to get an expert opinion. Most department stores have personal shoppers and there are retail options like Trunk Club, where you can make an hour appointment and walk away with the perfect outfit. For the ladies, we also recommend professional hair and makeup. You will be attending a lot of parties over the next year to celebrate your engagement and it’s a great time to make sure your current style and makeup are on point. Lastly, don’t forget to schedule a manicure and pedicure since at least one shot will feature your hands and your rings.

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