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Where Should I Get Ready for my Wedding? SPOILER: Don't Book the Church Nursery.

You've booked your perfect venue, you have a beautiful wedding gown or suit purchased and you've paid attention to every detail, but have you considered the moments in-between?  These transitions often make up a significant portion of the candid moments. Every space isn't perfect but here are some ideas that will help you make choices resulting in great photographic opportunities for all the transition times during your wedding day. 

The first place that can be overlooked is the space chosen for preperations before the ceremony. For a bride or groom, we recommend a clean, bright space free of clutter that doesn't clash with your overall decor. Natural light is paramont! If you are in a cramped church nursery with flourencent lights it won't carry the same visual opportunities and will stick out later in an album. 

We recommend getting ready without your wedding party and then after they are dressed, they join you. This allows the bride or groom a little personal space and quiet time with family. The calm before the storm, if you will. If you feel strongly about prepping with your entire wedding party, book a large but well-appointed space. We believe upgrading here is worth spending the extra money to capture this part of your wedding story and keep your preperations stress-free. 

So what does work? A large hotel suite, a luminous powder room, a private cottage or a tidy private home are a perfect choice. A conference room, church nursery and small ballroom often have the space you are looking for but don't deliver on ambiance. A great planner can help you secure the perfect location. After you are dressed, we capture a portrait of you in and around this space. Next, we make the transition to the first look or ceremony, additional portraits and family photos. Moving towards these planned photos is an opportunity in itself for storytelling and scene setters. Perhaps there is a beautiful staircase or gorgeous hallway or set of doors along the way to the first look. Choosing a beautiful place to get ready will help you set the stage to keep your photos candid, and authentic.

Additionally, consider the implications of your transportation choices. A trolly or vintage car makes your transportation more fun and is an easy way to make the transportation more visual. We will naturally shoot more photos when anything looks pretty. A mini coach might be perfect for your guests and wedding party but a vintage car is a classic choice and makes for an additional prop and a useful one at that. More on transportation and the implications for your timeline next CK guide. 


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