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Shoot for Social Top 5 Tips from my Engage15! Presentation

1. Choose an interesting subject, compose it well. Overshoot it.
2. Download Snapseed. It's FREE
3. Using Snapseed: adjust the brightness, contrast, warmth, & check out the "selective" tool if there is a spot you want to be brighter. Pinch your fingers to select that area size.
4. Want your Pro photo to post sharp? Use the highest resolution file you have! Request images from your photographer size 2400px x 2400px or larger if you plan on cropping the image. Instagram will resize it for their application and the smaller the file, the worse it will look.
5. Utilize Dropbox to "store" your upcoming photos online. Bank about 100 photos into one folder and download the dropbox app to your iPhone so you can easily download a photo and post to your Instagram when you are at the dentist office!

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