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Throw your Partner a Bone and Thank us Later

Let's face it, there is usally one person who puts their heart and soul into the wedding planning. Even though my husband is an artist, I was shocked by how little interest he had in the design process of our wedding. What, honey? You want to watch baseball  when there is DIY crafting to do...? All laughs aside Matt helped extensively with hand-lettering our invitations and created personalized art on many of the guests' envelopes all of which was very well received. Find a way to include your partner and they will apprecite it. 

We asked a few planners/designers for their tips: 

  • If it is hot make sure you get an extra shirt ordered for him so he can change into a clean and cool crisp shirt before the reception or ceremony. Victoria Canada ~ Victoria Canada Weddings & Events 
  • Surprise him with an unexpected song you know he will like when the couple makes their first entrance into the reception. Jenni Thye ~ Imoni Events 
  • We created a whiskey bar, and the groom enjoyed buying whiskey all year for this. We staged all kinds of "man" items such as old crates, vintage empty whiskey bottles, old smoking pipes, leather coasters, and even a huge elk shed. He was completely surprised and humbled. Kim Duncan ~ KD Event Designs
  • The groom was from Colombia and we surprised him with a cigar rolling station and some signature Colombian straw hats for the late night dance floor and all the guests LOVED it. Mary Beth Burrow ~ Mary Beth Events. 

 Other Great Ideas

  • A craft beers offered at a uniquely designed craft beer bar completely separate from the main bar. 
  • A heartfelt secret note pinned inside the jacket for your fiance with something sentimental. They can slide the note or photo into the pocket of their jacket to keep her "close" for the day.   
  • unique signature drink names that are humerous and related to your fiance. Sometimes these can be an inside joke amoung friends and they love it. 
  • If your fiance dislikes dress shoes, perhaps they'd prefer converse sneakers. Keep 'em comfy! 
  • Surprise your fiance with a unique wedding gift. 
  • A special ice cream or coffee bar
  • As photographers we reach out to your fiance's parents and ask if there are special shots we can cover to be sure their family's needs are taken care of. Often the emphasis is on the family planning the wedding. It's a nice gesture to check in with the other family! 

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