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How to Print Your Digital Files-- Hint: don't go to the drugstore

  1. Stay organized. Remember the shoeboxes of pictures you used to have? Think of creating those shoeboxes on your computer to ensure you don’t loose pictures.We name all our folders by date. For example, 2020 is one folder, then 011620-snow day is the subfolder. Create your main picture folder where you want to store all of your digital photos, then a folder for each year and each month.
  2. Have you ever wondered why some of your photos look a little green? It really does matter where you take your files to be printed. We have found that each lab can print the same file very differently. Run some test prints locally. Take the same file to Walgreens, Target and Costco and see what you come up with.
  3. You can skip #2, who wants to drive around town to different photo labs? We tested quite a few labs and recommend two online companies for your personal printing: MPix and Artifact Uprising (that is, if you are NOT custom ordering with Cameron)! These online companies make it extremely convenient to upload your files and ship directly to your home.
  4. What the crop? Most digital files have a ratio of 4x6 and we photographers often refer to this as “full frame,” but if you print a 5x7, you crop off a half-inch of your picture. If you order a beloved 8x10, then you crop out almost 2 inches of your picture. If you don’t adjust the crop, you may end up with Johnny’s head cut off.
  5. Do I need to crop when making prints? No, you CAN order an 8x12 to get a full frame image AND you can find those pre-made 8x12 frames online.
  6. Printed photo books are the perfect way to print a year in review of your family. Most companies provide easy templates to help in the design process. We love printing our family albums with Blurb (use the pro quality paper) or Artifact Uprising


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