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What your Makeup Artists Wishes you Knew

From the moment you become engaged, the Pinterest boards get filled up fast with dress details, flowers, table settings, hairstyles and finally makeup. And whether you’re a beach bride or saying your vows at the Waldorf Astoria, all brides have this in common. They want their faces to be flawless and glowing. Here are some guidelines

1. For a little skin refreshing, visit your facial specialist 3-6 months before your wedding day to begin a series of facials, microdermabrasion treatments, light peels and the like for great skin health.

2. If you’ve never tried injectables but want a little filling in or smoothing out before your big day, by all means do it. BUT make sure to try them out way before your event and with someone whose work you have seen and trust. Subtle use of these enhancements can make you look refreshed not done.

3. Now’s not the time for a radical new brow shape. If you’re lucky enough to have full brows and don’t have a brow specialist, find one. (ask those around you who have beautifully shaped brows) for a recommendation. If you have skinny brows due to over tweezing, try to let them grow in, while also seeking the guidance of a brow guru.

4. Lash extensions can be beautiful and also scary. Choose the shorter lengths for a more natural look. And expect to be back at the salon every few months for fill ins. But f you’re looking for a lower maintenance thick full lash on your wedding day you may want to opt for a nice moderate pair of strip lashes or individuals.

5. Book your makeup artist based on recommendations, reviews and their portfolio. Don’t leave this until the last minute as good artists will be booked sometimes a year in advance. Set up your preview appointment with your makeup artist 3-6 months before your event. Your wedding day isn’t the best day to try new makeup looks. If you never ever wear a red lip, save it for a holiday party instead.

6. Do expect to wear slightly more makeup than you would on a daily basis. Most brides ask me to make their eyes “pop” with a smokey eye but still want a “natural” look. Eyes don’t need to be rimmed in black for them to pop! Try a neutral smokey eye, one created with warm earth tones instead of gray and black.

7. Keep your lip on! Brides always ask me how to make their lipstick stay on. My reply is always the same. REAPPLY. Make sure to have a touch up color recommended by your makeup artist to reapply after all those kisses and cake smooshing photos.

8. Use a damp Beauty Blender sponge (the pink egg) to pat under the eye area if you have any fall out or creasing throughout the day. It’s a quick way to refresh your skin.

9. Having your hair and makeup done at your location is a great way to relax before the ceremony. It’s a big pajama party with beauty experts getting you and your ladies red carpet ready. Let the champagne flow!

10. Finally, encourage your wedding party, especially the moms to participate in the beautifying process. Your photos will look better when your attendants all have professional makeup. No woman ever said “I really regret having all that pampering.”

by Liz Margin of Sedona Beauty Team 

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