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Look Fabulous in Your Strapless Dress: 10 Tips

1. Make sure you have an even tan line. If you go golfing or hiking the week of your wedding wear sunscreen and a hat but do not wear a tank top! When possible, wear a linen shirt with sleeves!

2. Make sure you’ve tried your undergarments on before your wedding day. Try them on with your dress at the last several fittings. I have seen countless brides pull tags off their undergarments the day of their wedding while noting, "I haven't tried these on yet, hope they work..."

3. During your final fitting make sure the bodice fits well without you tugging up on it. It should be tight but not TOO tight. It will loosen up as you wear it.

4. Make sure you walk around the dress shop with the dress on. Go ahead and sit down and really wear it for 15 minutes to be certain it fits and you love the fit.

5. Beauty is from the inside out. It’s very hard to look beautiful if you are worried about your undergarments, your cleavage, your back, or your arms.

6. Speaking of arms, if you dislike your arms, reconsider a strapless dress as they feature your arms prominently. Alternatively, consider a pashmina, a fur or lace bolero that you can easily layer over your dress that you love and want to wear for photos. Photoshop can only fix so much!

7. Hollywood has some great secrets and double-sided tape is one of the best. Pack some in your event day bag!

8. If you are wearing your hair down, consider how this affects your jewelry & your dress neckline. Bring all accessories to your final fittings to make sure you love the final look. Bring additional accessory choices.

9. Practice standing tall in your strapless gown. Don't slouch! If your dress fits well, you'll wear it with confidence. Don’t be afraid to tell your alterations expert about your fears, concerns and suggestions.

10. If you have never worn a strapless dress, we suggest buying several casual strapless dresses for events you will attend long before your wedding day. This will get you used to the "feeling" of a strapless dress.

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