Nantucket is one of our favorite wedding locations. Every single place you look is gorgeous, especially in Sconset. Because it's an island, it's not easy to get there but we found it best to fly in from a large East coast city vs attempting to take a ferry. Some of the ferrys are 4 hours! We think Nantucket makes the perfect destination wedding. It sits about 30 miles (50 km) south of Cape Cod, in Massachusetts. The name "Nantucket" is adapted from similar Algonquian names for the island, perhaps meaning "faraway land or island."  A lot of places only accept cash, there are taxis and Ubers/Lyft available but the best way to travel is by renting a place where you can walk or bike everywhere. 


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mackenzie Horan Design Darling
Mackenzie Horan in front of her Nantucket home
Nantucket Hydragenas
Mackenzie Horan Design Darling Wedding
engagement photos on a sailboat in Nantucket with the blue sea
Chanticleer Nantucket horse
Nantucket Sconset Chapel
Mackenzie Horan wearing a Sarah Seven t-shirt gown on her Nantucket lawn
Navy and White Long dress
Exterior of the Siasconset Union Chapel in Nanutcket
Design Darling Mackenzie Horan
bride and groom in front of the Sconset Lighthouse
Mackenzie Horan Design Darling
Nantucket home with shingles and floral boxes in the window
Nantucket Lightship basket purse
Navy and White Nantucket featuring solitary diamond engagement ring
Nantucket Wedding Party walking on seashells
Inside of the Sconset Chapel in Natucket
Chanticleer Nantucket
Nantucket commuter bicycle
Chanticleer Nantucket Rehearsal Dinner
Nantucket wedding party
Nantucket basket
Chanticleer Nantucket Rehearsal Dinner
Seersucker bridesmaid dress with Navy sash
Nantucket wedding party in front of the Sconset Lighthouse
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