Frequent Questions

Booking Your Photographer

Have you photographed at my venue before?

I love new locations! It’s actually exciting when I have an opportunity to photograph a new venue. And that happens a lot because my clients are all very unique. 

New architecture, décor, lighting and weather – including rain – are inspiring. Frankly, photographing the same venue all the time can be more challenging, because I must reinvent.

When I are commissioned to photograph an event at a new venue, I scout the ceremony and reception sites in advance. Since my clients often host destination weddings, I am frequently in new locales. It keeps me – and your photographs – beautifully creative!

Do you work with wedding planners?

Yes! I love wedding planners and highly recommend hiring one for a seamless experience. I would be thrilled to refer you to some of the best planners and designers all over the world. 

How far in advance do you accept commissions?

I accept new commissions 3-18 months in advance.

Because I photograph commisions all over the world, I don't have a normal busy season. April, May, June, September and October tend to be popular wedding months!

If you have a weekday elopement or celebration, I am typically available 4-6 weeks in advance. For portraits, I accept commisions 1-6 months in advance.

Can you "hold" our date?

Absolutely! I will reserve your date when I receive your signed agreement and retainer. When you are ready to commission me, please contact me immediately. 

Since wedding dates are in demand, I respectfully request that clients understand my first come, first serve arrangement. When I send you an agreement, I will gladly give a 24-hour grace period to sign, prior to communicating with other clients who have inquired about your date.

We live in Alaska and can’t meet you for at least six months. Can we still commission you?

Of course! Most of my clients reside outside of Arizona, some as far away as Europe and Asia.

Since I serve a global clientele, I glady offer Skype and FaceTime consultations. Having online conversations helps me get to know you, even when we are thousands of miles apart.

If you prefer an old fashion phone call, that works too! Many times, clients even book me via email. It's a modern world and I am happy to accomodate your unique requests.

What makes you worth your fee?

In short, I care. I care about you and I care about your family. I care about your event and photographing it is an honor I take very seriously. Each of my clients becomes like family. 

You are investing in peace of mind and experience. It has taken me twenty years to hone my craft. That vast experience is showcased in the photographs I create for you. I can work anywhere under any circumstances. 

Beyond photographic expertise, I also offer our extensive knowledge of products, software, equipment, album design, production, and delivery. Above all, I bring a boutique mindset that prioritizes superlative service.

So, stay true to your heart. After all, if you splurge on one service at your wedding, let it be photography because you can never recreate the magic of your wedding day. 

How many years have you been a wedding photographer?

I have been a full-time wedding photographer since 2004. Photography is the only job I've ever had. I worked staff photojournalist at at Athens-Banner Hearald from 2000-2003. I covered news events and community stories. I have personally photographed over 350 weddings. 


Working with Cameron

How do we reserve your services?

My concierge system sends you a custom reservation link. At your convenience, you can complete your reservation online using your credit card or you can mail a check to my PO BOX. Occasionally, a planner will act as the concierge service and I can accommodate any of their booking requests. I require that the final balance is paid in full thirty days prior to the event.

We cancelled our event; can you return our deposit?

Unfortunately, I am not able to refund deposits. Since wedding dates are highly competitive, we respectfully require non-refundable deposits since we must turn away other prospective clients.

How do I view my photos for the first time?

You will receive a lovely USB drive with a special photo gift from me. You will also have access to a private online gallery to view the comprehensive collection of photos. 

The online gallery will be available for one year from your wedding date to order prints, share with family and friends and review your wedding album.

What's the timeframe for delivery of our photos and album(s)?

As a boutique studio, I am committed to delivering your wedding photos in a timely fashion. Proofs are available within 3-6 weeks of your event. Your first album draft will be available 2-4 weeks after your proof gallery is published. Most of our clients have their album in hand within 4-8 months following their wedding.

In my experience, the timeframe depends on the client's ability to provide feedback and approve their album for printing. Once I have an approved album design, the album crafters require about 4 weeks to create your album.

Do we get a copy of our digital negatives?

Yes! Digital negatives are included with every wedding and engagement service. You may download your images images from your gallery. Additionally with larger events I will mail you a USB drive with your images. Please backup your digital files. 

In my experience, clients who order printed photos from me are thrilled with our expert adjustments, which we call Level II retouching. All photos need a little Photoshop "love" to meet my standards – and our clients' standards – of excellence.

I also offer digital negatives from family portraits and weekday intimate weddings at a nominal fee. Inquire with me for information. 

Do we have to purchase an album?

Although you are not required to invest in an album, most of our clients choose to get one. In fact, we strongly recommend it.

An album is so much more than a book – it's an heirloom piece that will be precious to your family for generations. If you could look through your grandmother's wedding album and see her legacy unfold, how much would that be worth to you?  

When you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary, will you pull out a USB drive and plug it into your laptop, or will you open your beautiful album and pore through it, surrounded by family and friends?

How do we select photos for our album?

First off, it's fun! So don't worry; we're here to guide you.

For your convenience, we design a first draft of your album and present it to you online for review. In addition to the photographic process, we are experienced editors. When we edit, we curate and refine photos on an large screen, carefully examining exposure, body language, expression and of course, composition. The curation process is intensive and allows us to carefully craft your final photographs and albums.

You may make changes to the design and the photos. In our experience, 90% of the final album remains how we initially designed it and the rest we customize based on your preferences.

Do you work with a second photographer?

Cameron is the primary photographer at your weding. Cameron has associates and partners all over the world and works with talented, experienced second photographers. The primary and secondary photographer work as a team at your wedding, and we are able to cover your wedding from two perspectives. There are certain circumstances that require an assistant and or third photographer. 

Do you charge a fee for destination weddings?

Yes, travel is custom quoted. If clients are hosting in a remote destination or prefer we stay at a certain venue or resort, extra charges will be incurred. 

International travel is fully custom quoted.

Our travel concierge books all travel for Cameron and her team.

Will you attend our rehearsal dinner?

Many of my clients commission us to photograph their rehearsal dinner and if I am traveling to a destination event, I almost always attend the ceremony rehersal to make sure I understand the venue ane the proposed timing. It's a great opportunity for me to meet everyone and scout the lighting. 

Please inquire about fees for rehearsal dinner coverage.

Do you offer discounts? Do you shoot weekday events?

Northern Arizona is a destination wedding market; therefore there are a lot of elopements, off-season events and weekday events. Discounts and elopements are quoted based on our demand and availability. It doesn’t hurt to ask about our availability. We consider an “intimate” wedding to be 25 guests or less including the bride and groom and bridal party. Please inquire about intimate wedding collections.

Is it okay if our family and friends photographs our wedding too?

Great question! Generally speaking, the more photos of your wedding day, the better.

There is one scenario where this doesn't apply: iPhones during your ceremony. It looks busy with everyone holding up a phone as you come down the aisle. It can compromise your photos if a guest puts a phone in front of our lens and additionally all the guests' faces are obscured by a device. We recommend you ask your guests (especially immediate family) to put their phones away until after the recessional. 

We ask you to consider that your parents and close friends should simply enjoy your ceremony and let us do the “heavy lifting.” We don’t mind if guests snap photos all day, but more guests with cameras (or iPhones) in their hands means more photos of guests with cameras in their hands!

Occasionally, we have had a well-meaning uncle or friend step directly in front of us during key moments. It's always disappointing when your first dance photos feature your uncle or aunt's iPad or elbows. Please discuss your photography priorities with family or friend “photographers.”

We do request that during portraits of just you two, we have you to ourselves. Frankly, it’s often awkward to have friends or parents along for the quiet, romantic shots. For relaxed, posed photos of you two together, we whisk you away from the action for a short time, so you can enjoy each other during quiet moments that are all about your connection and chemistry.

Do you require a meal at our wedding?

Yes, please. For events lasting over five hours, we respectfully request a meal.

Ideally, photographers will eat at the same time as the wedding party. That ensures that no key moments are missed. As with wedding guests, some photography team members may have dietary restrictions. We will indicate them prior to the wedding.

If this is not possible, just let us know in advance and we will make other arrangements.

What do we wear to our Engagement Session?

Great Question! Please check out our guide on this topic called Getting the Best Engagement Photos 

Portraits/ Non-Event Photography

What do we wear to our portrait session?

Glad you asked. Please review our guide on this topic called, "Don't Stress about your Family Portraits, here's how"

We encourage you to show off your style during your portrait session.

If you're a family, we advise one printed item. For example, a classic printed dress or colorful shirt. Then, choose coordinating colors from that garment. Most everyone else can wear a solid or a basic pattern that doesn’t clash with the printed garment. Tips to consider:

• Avoid “matching” outfits, even though they seem easy. 

• Don't wear bright white and black together; it’s too much contrast.

• Mid-tones are better. Choose grays, blues, jeans, khakis, etc.

• If you wear black, choose one item to showcase. We know it’s flattering, especially on new Moms!

• Select clothing that is flattering and classic; things that you’ve worn before and love! 

• The camera tends to "add weight," so take time to try on each item prior to your session. 

• Style your hair and take time on your makeup and accessories, but stay true to your personal style. If you don’t wear much makeup, that’s okay; you can still get a natural look with minimal makeup. If you need assistance, we have resources. Just ask!

Our portrait sessions are all about capturing your family's connection and emotion. When everyone is dressed up too formally, people don’t feel normal and don’t look natural. The more confident and comfortable you feel, the better your photos will look!

 We love to chat about outfits, so give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.

Can we purchase digital negatives from our portrait session?

Yes! Many clients purchase digital negatives from their portrait session, but they are not included with the basic portrait session fee.

We encourage clients to order prints through our studio because we adjust every image professionally. We enjoy serving our clients by offering masterful color-correction, exposure adjustments, conversion to black-and-white, and much more.

In our experience, all digital photos need some Photoshop “love” to meet our standards of excellence.

Do you shoot portraits in a studio?

Our portrait sessions are done on location – at our client's lovely home or at an outdoor location. Depending on the nature of your session, we have a complete, mobile lighting studio that we will bring if needed.

What is a documentary session?

That's simple – it's fun!

In greater detail, our approach to photography is candid. That's why it's comfortable and fun to be photographed in a documentary style.

Our philosophy is to let your kids be themselves. Capturing their personalities means allowing them to be comfortable and adventurous too!

Our documentary sessions usually include 2-3 hours of photography coverage. We focus on everyday events that your family experiences. Those "ordinary" moments are often extraordinary.

Of course, we will capture some “posed” photos too, but the primary focus of your session real moments. It's a great experience for young families, as little ones love to show off their toys, tricks and personalities in their home.

As mothers, we are honored to document your family. After all, it’s tough (ok, nearly impossible!) to engage with your kids AND be the photographer at the same time.

Documentary sessions are great for family reunions and birthday parties too!

What is the best time of day for outdoor photography?

Please review our guide called “Don’t get Married on a Mountaintop at 2 p.m.”

Besides being in a great mood, light is the most important factor for beautiful photographs.

Most of our sessions are scheduled for an hour or two before sunset. In Summer and early Fall, that means photographing around 5:30-7:00 p.m. or 6:30-7:30 a.m. to capture the best light.

If you would like to photograph during the day or mid-morning at your home, we will schedule an in-home consultation to view the light. We photograph many sessions in our clients' beautiful homes and backyards, but we need to ensure the light and backgrounds are flattering for you.

Where can I view your editorial or commercial work?

Cameron also works with select corporate clients. View our corporate collections here:


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